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Thank You

Fellow Democrats,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your tremendous efforts during this election cycle.

Because of your work, the Democratic Party made history in Bucks County on Tuesday night. We captured four of the five row offices on the ballot. In January, Robin Robinson will be your new Recorder of Deeds, Judi Reiss will be your new Prothonotary, Milt Warrell will be your new Sheriff, and Neale Dougherty will be your new County Controller. It’s been 32 years since we won a countywide race in Bucks. There were enormous wins for us.

After swearings-in, we will hold brand-new majorities on the Supervisor Boards in Middletown with Mike Ksiazek’s win; in Newtown Township with Phil Calabro, Linda Bobrin, and John Mack’s sweep; and in Lower Makefield with a sweep by Fred Weiss and Dan Grenier. In Warrington, with a sweep by Eileen Albillar and Fred Gaines, we increased our majority to 4-1. Save for Newtown Township, we held exactly zero seats on either of those boards a mere two years ago and now we’ll have majorities.

We also picked up Supervisor/Council seats in Bensalem, Doylestown Township, Tinicum, Quakertown, and Upper Makefield, just to name a few. We haven’t even had the time to do a full accounting of the numerous, unprecedented wins for school board, auditors, tax collectors, and mayors throughout the County. I am very proud of everyone who put their name on the line to run. Filling a ballot with quality candidates matters. It made a real difference this year.

There’s more – so much more – but I wanted to start here with a simple thank you. Thank you for sticking with our program. Thank you for joining our coordinated campaign. Thank you for trusting our process.

In addition to our Committeepeople, candidates, donors, and volunteers, a very special thank you to our friends in organized labor who have been with us every step of the way and knocked tens of thousands of doors. I also want to thank and acknowledge the efforts of the many resistance groups like Indivisible, Swing Left, etc. We couldn’t have won without you and I hope you’ll continue to work with our party and our candidates moving forward.

We sent a message to Washington. Hopefully the first of many to come.

Enjoy a well-rested weekend. You have certainly earned it. We get back to work on Monday.


John Cordisco
Bucks County Democratic Committee

An Election Eve Message from Chairman Cordisco



Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 7, our Democratic candidates need your vote and our country needs your voice. If you’ve been paying attention since the Presidential election and you’re unhappy with where we’re headed, there’s one thing you can do to change it: VOTE.


At the state level that means: voting to retain Debra Todd and electing Dwayne Woodruff to the Supreme Court; voting Maria McLaughlin, Carolyn Nichols, Debbie Kunselman, and Geoff Moulton to the Superior Court; and voting Ellen Ceisler and Irene Clark to the Commonwealth Court.


In Bucks County, we have one of the very best row office slates we’ve ever put together: Rich Scholer, a former prosecutor, for District Attorney; Milt Warrell, a former police officer, for Sheriff; Judi Reiss, a retired teacher and current Township Supervisor, for Prothonotary; Robin Robinson, the Executive Assistant to the Commissioner, for Recorder of Deeds; and Neale Dougherty, a commercial insurance consultant and school board President, for Controller. They are qualified and ready to lead on day one.


It would be difficult to list them all, but we have great supervisor and council candidates running in every corner of Bucks County. Additionally, there are hundreds of races on the ballot for School Board, Auditor, Tax Collector, and Inspector/Judge of Elections.


I’m excited about our candidates at every level. We have more on the ballot to vote for as Democrats this year than we’ve had in decades. I’m really proud of the positive coordinated campaign that we’ve run as a party. Our candidates have worked hard together.


We’ve seen enough from the White House and Washington to know that their example is not the one we want to set for future generations. Our values aren’t being represented. Every day it feels like we’re one tweet away from an international crisis. We must vote to restore some measure of normalcy.


The President’s incompetence and utter lack of decency and tact has hurt our standing in the world. He has declared a full assault on our most revered institutions – from fair and free elections to the media to the Justice Department. Tomorrow, you have a chance to send him and Republicans in Washington a clear message: enough is enough.


Your vote is your voice. I urge you to use it tomorrow to elect Democrats at every level. Call us at 215-348-2140 if you need help finding your polling location or need a ride to vote.


Please be a voter tomorrow.
John Cordisco
Bucks County Democratic Committee