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Meet our endorsed 2015 candidates!

We’re excited to introduce our Committee’s endorsed county and statewide candidates for the 2015 cycle. Leading the team is Commissioner Diane Marseglia, running for a third term, this time with running mate, Brian Galloway, a Falls Township Supervisor. They will be joined on the ticket by row office candidates Robyn Trunell for Register of Wills, Missy Kitzmiller for Treasurer, Rocky Doto for Coroner, and Chris Gallagher for Clerk of Courts. To learn more about them and see our endorsed judicial candidates, please visit our candidates page!


Marseglia & Galloway for County Commissioners


Marseglia & Galloway for Commissioners

Commissioner Diane Marseglia to run with Falls Township Supervisor Brian Galloway

For Immediate Release February 20, 2015

BUCKS COUNTY – Today, Diane Marseglia announced that she will be running for a third term as Bucks County Commissioner with running mate, Brian Galloway, a Falls Township Supervisor.

“I’m excited to announce that I’m seeking a third term as Bucks County Commissioner,” said Marseglia. “Serving as Commissioner has been a great honor and I look forward to running an aggressive re-election campaign.”

Marseglia continued, “It’s not always easy to serve as the minority Commissioner on a three-member board, so I am thrilled to have a strong, qualified running mate this year in Brian Galloway, who I believe gives us our best shot in decades at a Democratic majority.”

Brian Galloway has taught in Bristol Township schools for 17 years and is currently in his second year as acting principal of Mary Devine Elementary in Croydon. For six years Brian has served as the Director of the Bucks County St. Patrick’s Day Parade, one of the County’s largest community events.. He is in his fourth year as Falls Township Supervisor where he serves on the Police Pension Advisory Board and The Community Economic Development Commission. Brian graduated from Pennsbury, served in the Navy, and has a Master’s from Temple University. A lifelong Falls Township resident, Brian, one of ten siblings, has been married 25 years to his wife Theresa. They have two children, Rosaleen and Joseph.

“I’m very much looking forward to running on the ticket with Commissioner Marseglia,” said Galloway. “And to be clear, we’re running to win.”

“From my years as an educator, I have seen first-hand, the struggles of our middle class Bucks County families,” Galloway continued. “If I was Commissioner, my focus would be squarely on their welfare, not on building an $85 million dollar courthouse and a $20 million parking garage. Those kind of misplaced priorities have put Bucks County families in distress.”

A Marseglia-Galloway administration would return the priorities of Bucks County government to creating more opportunities for the middle class.

“It’s been 28 years of one-party, Republican rule on the Board of Commissioners. Brian and I represent the possibility of real change for Bucks County and we’ll be strongly making our case to Bucks County voters throughout this campaign.” concluded Marseglia.

Diane Ellis-Marseglia – Commissioner
Brian Galloway – Commissioner
Petitions must be printed double-sided on one sheet of 8.5″x 11″ paper