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An Election Eve message from Chairman John Cordisco

Friends and fellow Democrats,

DSC_7092You already know this, but it bears repeating: tomorrow is a critical election. The stakes are high throughout the country, the Commonwealth, and our Bucks County. Republicans are already measuring the drapes, but I’ve got news for them. They haven’t heard from us yet.

We are poised to make history tomorrow, when we will send Tom Wolf to the Governor’s mansion in Harrisburg and send Tom Corbett packing. Tom Wolf and our nominee for Lieutenant Governor, Mike Stack, represent something we desperately need in Pennsylvania – a fresh start.

And we have real opportunities in other races down the ballot right here in Bucks County.

For US Congress, we are lucky to have a gifted nominee Kevin Strouse. Kevin’s background as a combat veteran, CIA operative, and father to two small children, strikes the perfect balance of the kind of tactical, thoughtful individual we should strive to have represent us in Washington

Around Bucks County, we are locked in tight races for the State House and State Senate. I know that you will return Steve Santarsiero in the 31st, John Galloway in the 140th, and Tina Davis in the 141st to the State House and I hope you will send them some Democratic reinforcements: from the 142nd, Gina Kiley and from the 145th, Karen Chellew.

For the State Senate, we have four great candidates vying to unseat longtime, entrenched Republican incumbents. Our Democratic candidates, Kim Rose in the 6th, Steve Cickay in the 10th, Ruth Damsker in the 12th, and Jack Hansen in the 24th also deserve your vote tomorrow.

It’s simple: Republicans like Tom Corbett could win because Democrats don’t vote. If we want to Turn Bucks Blue, we can’t let that happen.

Please make a plan to be a voter tomorrow.

 John Cordisco Signature


John Cordisco
Chairman, Bucks County Democratic Committee

Find Your GOTV Staging Location

You’ve all heard this before, but it’s true. Whether our Democratic candidates are up in the polls or down in the polls, it doesn’t matter. Anything can happen in the final days of an election. That’s why we’ve got people making calls around the clock at BCDC HQ and throughout GOTV locations in Bucks County!
Volunteers making calls today at BCDC HQ. The office is buzzing with Democratic enthusiasm!

It’s simple. The more work we put in, the better chance we have to elect Democrats. Please have a look at our GOTV Staging locations table below. Whether you can give one hour or one day, every little bit helps. Our Democratic candidates are counting on you.


10:00AM, 1:00PM, & 4:00PM EVERY DAY


BCDC HQ 123 North Broad Street Doylestown YES YES YES YES
UBCDO 328 West Broad Street Quakertown YES YES YES YES
Boilermakers 13 2300 New Falls Road Levittown YES YES YES YES
USW Hall 920 Trenton Road Fairless Hills YES YES YES YES
Kevin Strouse HQ 80 North Main Street Doylestown YES YES YES YES
Kevin Strouse HQ 412 Mills Street Bristol YES YES YES YES
Kim Rose HQ 188 Buck Road Holland YES YES YES YES
Steve Cickay HQ 1790 Yardley-Langhorne Road Morrsville YES YES YES YES
Law Office 847 West Market Street Perkasie YES YES YES YES
Supporter’s Home 5869 Griscomb Drive Bensalem YES YES YES YES
Supporter’s Home 2305 Brown Avenue Bensalem YES YES YES YES
Supporter’s Home 475 Durham Road Wrightstown YES YES YES YES
Supporter’s Home 51 Hillside Lane New Hope YES YES
Supporter’s Home 228 Riverwoods Drive New Hope YES YES
First Savings Bank Community Room 600 West Market Street Perkasie YES YES
Hampton Inn 1000 Stony Hill Road Yardley YES