Your 2019 Democratic Candidates

We are counting down to the 2019 election on November 5th! This year we can take back the county for the first time in nearly 40 years. Let’s keep up this momentum to get to a Bucks Blue Victory! We have an A-team with Diane Marseglia and Bob Harvie for County Commissioner, Meredith Buck for Coroner, Kris Ballerini for Treasurer, Linda Bobrin for Register of Wills and Brian Munroe for Clerk of Courts. Our top-notch Democratic Judicial Candidates are Charissa Liller, Jordan Yeager, and Jessica Vandekam. And moving down ballot we have highly qualified Candidates for School Board, Township Supervisor and Auditor across the County.

These odd-year election cycles are extremely important and the Bucks County Democratic Committee and our Municipal Organizations are highly mobilized. In 2017 Bucks Democrats had our best election in decades with unprecedented wins at both the County and Municipal level. This is not a one-off as we are positioned to do this again! Stay involved and sign up to canvass. Vote November 5th for your Democratic Team.