We Did It!

Bucks County Democrats,

It has now been just over two weeks since Election Day, and I can only find three words to describe what took place that night — We did it! Thanks to countless volunteers, Committee People, Chairs, and campaign staff, we accomplished something that had not been achieved in over THREE DECADES in Bucks County. On January 6th, 2020, a Democratic majority Board of Commissioners will be sworn in at the County Courthouse to begin this new era in Bucks County history.

We first embarked on a program in 2015 to flip Bucks County. At that moment, of the 12 elected Countywide Row Officers, our Party held ONE (as in one more than zero). Even that statistic is misleading, as the minority Party is bound by law to have a representative on the Board of Commissioners. After this monumental 2019 Election cycle, we now hold TEN. These successes haven’t been limited to just County Races, either. Since 2015, we have flipped control of EIGHT municipalities. We’ve won over 250 municipal seats, flipping over 80 of them from Republican to Democratic hands. This doesn’t “just happen.” This isn’t just the product of a Blue Wave. These wins are the result of having a large group of dedicated people working tirelessly towards one goal. The strategy was correct. The execution was flawless. And the results prove that out.

What this now means is that we get to serve. Our newly electeds have a large responsibility to uphold. Whether it be Bristol Borough or Riegelsville (yes, we elect Democrats up there), we must serve our communities well. As a Party, we will be there to support them in these efforts, and to continue electing Democrats to serve alongside them.

I truly am grateful to everyone that made phone calls, knocked on doors, contributed to campaigns, and got out the vote for Democrats this year. This Party relies on grassroots organizing and engagement, and if 2019 is any indication, we have the tools to be successful in 2020 and beyond.

We all did this, together.

John Cordisco
Bucks County Democratic Committee