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June 2 Primary Election Guide

Vote By Mail is Here!

If you are one of the dozens of thousands of Democrats who have chosen to vote by mail in Bucks County, your ballot should be arriving soon in the mail. We strongly advise returning it as soon as possible and no later than May 26. If you are unable to return the ballot by May 26, we recommend delivering it in person to the Board of Elections in Doylestown. Regardless of how you get it there, it must be received at the Board of Elections by 8:00pm on June 2. Postmarks will not count.

If you would like to vote by mail and have not yet applied, you can do so until May 26.

Hand-Deliver Your Ballot

After 5/26, we strongly advise that you hand-deliver your ballot to make sure your vote counts

The Deadline to deliver your Mail-in Ballot to the Board of Elections is June 2 at 8:00pm. If your ballot is not received at the Board of Elections by that time, your vote will not count. As of May 26, we are recommending that if you haven’t mailed your ballot yet, you hand-deliver your completed ballot to the Board of Elections or to one of the new ballot drop boxes in order to make sure your vote counts.

NEW: Ballot Drop Boxes

On 5/27, The Board of Elections announced that they will be installing ballot drop boxes at three locations in the county to give voters a more convenient way to drop off their ballot.o
The boxes will be located in Doylestown, Levittown and Quakertown from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. this Saturday (5/30), Sunday (5/31) and Monday (6/1). They will be placed outside these county buildings:

The Lower Bucks Government Services Center,
7321 New Falls Road, Levittown

The Bucks County Administration Building,
55 E. Court St., Doylestown

The Upper Bucks Government Services Center,
261 California Road, Quakertown


How to Fill out your Mail-In Ballot

Watch this video, by Kay Yu, the Voter Protection Director of the PA Democrats, to understand how to correctly fill out and return your Mail-In Ballot.

Note: There are two envelopes: The secrecy envelope goes inside the return envelope. The voter declaration on the back of the Return Envelope must be signed in order for your vote to count.

Make Sure Your Vote Counts

Read these tips to understand how to fill out and return your Mail-In Ballot correctly

*You must provide your own postage to return the ballot by mail
*Return both envelopes that come with the ballot: the secrecy envelope and the return envelope
*Don’t forget to sign the “voter declaration” on the return envelope. If the declaration isn’t signed, the ballot will not count
*Do not make ANY markings on the secrecy envelope or the ballot may not count
*Use the same color pen to mark the whole ballot
*Do not erase or cross out a mistake. Instead, you should request a new ballot by calling the Board of Elections.

The Ballot

What Races are on the Ballot?

President of the United States
Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee for President. The other candidates have suspended their campaigns and endorsed Joe. Learn more about Joe

Attorney General (PA)
Josh Shapiro
was elected to Attorney General in 2016 and is running for his second term. Learn more about Josh

Auditor General (PA)
There are six Democratic candidates for Auditor General. The Bucks County Democratic Committee voted not to endorse for this race. Learn more about the candidates by clicking their names at the bottom of our candidates page

State Treasurer (PA)
Joe Torsella was elected State Treasurer in 2016 and is running for his second term. Learn more about Joe

Representative in Congress
Christina Finello
is the official, endorsed candidate by the Bucks County Democratic Committee. Learn more about Christina

Representative in the General Assembly
Commonly referred to as State Representative, there are ten districts in PA. None of the Democratic candidates have Primary challengers.  Visit our candidates page to find your district and learn more about your candidate

Delegates to the Democratic National Convention (not shown)
Delegates to the DNC are awarded proportionally based on the vote percentage that the presidential candidate they are pledged to, receives. Any presidential candidate who receives less than 15% of the vote is not awarded any delegates. Learn more about how delegates to the DNC are selected in PA

Learn more about all our candidates

Bucks County Democratic Sample Ballot

This sample ballot is for the 18th legislative district (Bensalem). If you don't live in Bensalem, your ballot will show the same races with the exception of Representative in the General Assembly. Find your district and state rep candidate on our candidates page.

June 2 Election Deadlines

May 18

Last day to register to vote in the June 2 Primary

May 26, 5:00pm

Deadline to request your Mail-In Ballot

The Board of Elections must receive your application by 5:00pm. Once you apply for the Mail-in Ballot, it will take several days to be approved and mailed to your home, so if you receive your ballot after May 26, we recommend returning it in person to the Board of Elections.

Request Your Mail-In Ballot Now.

May 26

Recommended Deadline to Return Your Ballot by Mail

Mail-In Ballots must be received at the Board of Elections office by 8:00pm on Election Day, June 2. COVID has in some cases, slowed mail delivery, so don’t wait. If you are unable to send your Mail-In Ballot to the Board of Elections by May 26, you can hand-deliver the Mail-In Ballot to the Board of Elections office in Doylestown. See the Board of Elections address and contact info below.

June 2

Election Day

Polls are open from 7:00am-8:00pm. If you are voting in person, check with the Board of Elections to make sure your polling place hasn’t moved for this election.

June 2, 8:00PM

Deadline for Board of Elections to Receive your Mail-In Ballot

If you intend to return your ballot by mail, we recommend sending the ballot by May 26 in order to ensure it will arrive at the Board of Elections on time. If you are unable to do so, you can hand-deliver your ballot to the Board of Elections by 8:00pm. Ballots received after 8:00pm on June 2 will not be counted.

Voting at the Polls

Some Polls will be Moved on June 2

Due to COVID concerns, several polling locations in Bucks County have been consolidated or closed for this Primary. Postcards will be sent to any households that have new polling places.

Here is a list of the affected precincts that have moved for this Primary and their new polling locations:

Buckingham Township Lower #2 – Central Bucks High School East
Falls Township 3-2 – Pennsbury High School East
Springfield Township West – Springtown Fire Company
Warminster Township #14 – William Tennent High School
Warrington Township #3 – Titus Elementary School
Warrington Township #4 – Titus Elementary School

New Voting Machines in Bucks County

Starting in 2020, if you choose to vote at the polls, Bucks County will be using new voting machines called ClearCast Scanner. These machines use a touch screen and a scanner to scan a ballot which you’ve filled out. Unlike the old system, the ClearCast scanner stores a paper backup in the event that an audit is required.

Need More Help?

Here is the contact info for organizations that can provide additional help. Visit our Be-A-Voter page to find out more information about voting by mail and to see a video demonstrating the new voting machines Bucks County will be using at all polls starting on June 2

Bucks County Democratic Committee


Bucks County Board Of Elections

55 E. Court St. 
Doylestown, PA 18901


PA Dems Voter Assistance Hotline

1-833-PA-VOTES (1-833-728-6837)

El personal habla español con fluidez
(Staff is fluent in Spanish)

Voting Links

Request your Mail-In Ballot

Fill out this simple application to request your Mail-In Ballot. The deadline to request your Mail-In Ballot is May 26 at 5:00pm

Register to Vote

If you’d like to vote in the June 2 Primary, you must register by May 18.

Track Your Mail-In Ballot

Use this easy application to find out when your Mail-In Ballot Request was approved, when the ballot was sent to you, and when the Board of Elections has received your ballot once you’ve returned it to them.

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