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Good Governance starts at the local level. In 2021, local offices will be on the ballot in every township and borough across Bucks County.

This year, local offices in every Township or Borough in Bucks County will be on the ballot. The decisions made by your local government have a direct impact on you, your family, and your community. We are seeking qualified, motivated Democratic candidates to run. The positions include Township Supervisor, Mayor, Council Member, Schoolboard Director, Tax Collector, and Auditor. If you are interested in running for office, we are here to help.

The first step is to connect with your local Democratic organization by January. They can give you more information about the positions, what it will take to run, and provide support through the process. If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


A Thank You from DNC Chair Tom Perez

In 2020, the efforts of the Bucks County Democratic Committee played a key role in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris winning Pennsylvania and the United States. Click to read a thank you letter from DNC chair Tom Perez.

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