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How To Request Your Ballot

Request now to make sure your ballot arrives on time!

1. Request

  • Request Now.  The earlier you request the earlier your ballot will be sent to you.
  • Request Online. This is the fastest way to get your request approved.
  • Choose Mail-In Ballot instead of Absentee. Answer No to the first three questions in the application to choose Mail-In Ballot. Either option works but all voters in Pa can vote by Mail-In so there is no need to provide a reason why you are voting by mail.
All voters can vote by mail

Answer “No” to these three questions to choose Mail-In Ballot

How To Fill Out And Return Your Mail Ballot

Follow these simple rules to make sure your vote counts!

2. Fill Out

In order for your ballot be counted you must:
  • Use Both Envelopes. Place the completed ballot in the secrecy envelope and then put the secrecy envelope into the second larger envelope with the declaration printed on it.
  • Sign The Outer Envelope. Sign the declaration on the back of the outer envelope.
  • Use a Black or Blue Pen. It doesn’t matter which color you use but use the same color for the entire ballot.
  • Avoid making any marks on the secrecy envelope.

3. Return

  • Return Right Away. The number one reason ballots aren’t counted is because they are misplaced or returned late.
  • Know Your Return Options.
    • Option A. Return In Person to the Board of Elections. You can only return your own ballot. Here are the three Board of Elections locations, open from M-F (8:00am-4:30pm): 
      • Doylestown: 55 E. Court St, Doylestown | 215-348-6154
      • Levittown: 7321 New Falls Rd, Levittown (Open Oct. 5)| 267-580-3500
      • Quakertown: 261 California Rd, Quakertown (Open Oct. 5)| 215-529-7250


    • Option B. By mail if there’s time for it to arrive by Nov. 3rd. We recommend doing this before Oct. 19 to be sure it arrives on time.


    • Option C. At the polls on Nov. 3rd. As a last resort you can bring your ballot to the polls on Election Day and the Judge of Elections will void your ballot and allow you to vote on the machines. You will need both envelopes in order to take advantage of this option.
  • Track Your Ballot. You can track your ballot to see when it is received at the Board of Elections

Frequently Asked Questions

About Vote by Mail

Are There Any Advantages To Voting By Mail?

Yes! There are many advantages to voting by mail:

  • Voting by mail provides the most options for you to return your ballot!
  • Skip the lines and crowds on Election Day!
  • Mark your ballot in the safety, comfort, and privacy of your own home!
  • Vote on your time-No need to wait for Election day to return your ballot!
  • Take the time you need to make thoughtful decisions!
  • No need to worry that a change in plans will stop you from voting on Election Day!
  • By checking the box to join the Annual Mail-In Request, you can sign up one time each year and automatically receive Mail-In Ballots for every election that year

Is Voting By Mail Complicated?

Not at all! These are the steps:

  1. Request your Mail-In Ballot through the online application 
    • If you prefer, you can also print the application and mail it or return it in person to the Board of Elections. Online is easier and can save up to ten days.
    • If you choose to request online and provide your email to the PA Dept of State, you should
      receive email confirmation that your application has been received within a few days.
    • Ballots are allowed to be sent out 50 days prior to elections but actual mail dates will vary. Once you’ve requested your ballot you can track the status of your application and when your ballot is on its way
  2. Fill out your Mail-in Ballot once it arrives in the mail
    • Ballots will be sent out by the Board of Elections 3-4 weeks before the election
  3. Return your Mail-In Ballot as soon as you’ve filled it out in-person or by mail:

    Bucks County Board of Elections
    55 E. Court St.
    Doylestown, PA 18901

When Should I Request My Ballot and When Should I Return It?

Request Your Ballot Now and Return Your Ballot Immediately.

The number one reason Mail-In Ballots aren’t cast or counted is because they were misplaced or sent back too late, so make a plan to return it as soon as you fill it out. You can always hand-deliver your ballot to the Board of Elections during normal business hours up to and election day.

The deadline to request your Mail-In Ballot is 5:00PM on the Tuesday before the election 

The deadline to return your completed Mail-In Ballot is 8:00PM on Election Day.

The deadlines refer to when the Board of Elections must receive the mailed request and/or the Mail-In Ballot NOT when they are postmarked.

I've Heard Mail Delivery Has Been Slower Than Normal. Can I Deliver My Mail-In Ballot Another Way?

Yes! You can bring your ballot directly to the Board of Elections during normal business hours any day up to and including Election Day. 

Board of Elections Locations:

  • Middle Bucks: 55 E. Court St, Doylestown, PA 18901 | 215-348-6154
  • Lower Bucks: 7321 New Falls Rd, Levittown, PA 19055 | 267-580-3500
  • Upper Bucks: 261 California Rd, Quakertown, PA 18951 | 215-529-7250

Board of Elections Hours:

  • October 5th to October 26th: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday
  • October 27th to November 3rd (Extended Hours):
    • Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
    • Saturday and Sunday 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM
    • Election Day Tuesday, Nov. 3rd 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM



If I Request a Mail-In Ballot, can I Change My Mind and Still Vote at the Polls?


First, you can always hand-deliver your ballot early to the Board of Elections any day including Election Day, during normal operating hours (M-F 8-4:30pm):

  • Middle Bucks: 55 E. Court St, Doylestown, PA 18901 | 215-348-6154
  • Lower Bucks: 7321 New Falls Rd, Levittown, PA 19055 | 267-580-3500
  • Upper Bucks: 261 California Rd, Quakertown, PA 18951 | 215-529-7250

Voters can only deliver their own ballot. The Board of Elections will not accept ballots delivered on behalf of family, friends or neighbors.

You also have the option to bring your Mail-In Ballot to your polling place to vote in person on Election Day. If you have your ballot and both envelope, the Judge of Elections will void your Mail-in Ballot and you will be allowed to vote using the machine at the polling place. You will need to bring BOTH envelopes with you that come with the Mail-In Ballot.

If you lost, never received, or do not have both envelopes that came with your Mail-In Ballot, you can still vote in-person at the polls using a provisional ballot. Tell the Judge of Elections you’d like to fill out a provisional ballot. These ballots will be reviewed by the Board of Elections within a week of Election Day. Provided they did not receive a Mail-In Ballot from you and there are no other issues prohibiting you from voting, your vote will count.

When will I receive my Mail-In Ballot?

The Board of Elections is legally allowed to begin mailing out ballots to voters starting fifty days prior to the election (Sept 14). Actual mailing dates will vary so check the tracker app to see when your ballot goes out.

Can I Check the Status of my Mail-In Ballot Request?

Yes-You can see the status of your application, when your ballot is on its way, and when the Board of Elections has received your ballot at You can also sign up for alerts about your ballot and updates to voting by mail at

I Have Voted Absentee in the Past. Should I Vote by Absentee or by Mail-In Ballot?

Great news! Due to a recent update to the law (March 27, 2020) which was intended to make the vote by mail process simpler for everyone, ALL VOTERS MAY NOW USE A MAIL-IN BALLOT

That means, even if you’ve voted by Absentee in the past you may now use a Mail-In Ballot!

When you sign up you will be asked three questions:

  • Are you a military or overseas civilian absentee voter?
  • Are you applying for a ballot because you will be absent from your municipality for the upcoming election?
  • Are you applying for a ballot for the upcoming election because you cannot appear at your polling place due to an illness or physical disability?

Answer “No” to all three and proceed with your application

Why is There Still An Absentee Ballot Option if Everyone Can Now Use The Mail-In Ballot?

The provision for an Absentee Ballot is written into the Pennsylvania constitution, so rather than change the constitution (a daunting task), the legislature opted to simply add the Mail-In Ballot and retain the option of using an Absentee Ballot. 

I’m a College Student, is the Vote by Mail Process any Different for Me?

No-Follow the steps above. You just need to make sure you request to have the ballot delivered to the address where you will be when ballots are sent out. Ballots are legally allowed to be sent out up to 50 days prior an election.

I Provided the Wrong Mailing Address or No Longer will be at the Address that I Provided When I Requested my Mail-In Ballot, What Should I Do?

Don’t worry-you can update the mailing address provided when you requested your Mail-In Ballot, contact the Bucks County Board of Elections: 215-348-6154,

What if I make a mistake when completing my ballot, or damage or misplace it?

No problem-You can request another ballot from the Bucks County Board of Elections: 215-348-6154,

I still have more questions. Who can I talk to?

The Pa Dems have set up a hotline you can call with any questions. The team is fluent in Spanish and very responsive. They are also prepared to forward anyone who needs additional attention to our team at the BCDC.

PA Dems Voter Assistance Hotline
1-833-PAVOTES (1-833-728-6837)

Wait, Did I Already Request A Mail-In Ballot?

Check Before You Apply

If you applied for a Mail-In Ballot in the Primary, you had the option to sign up for the Annual Mail-In Request. If you selected this box you should automatically receive a Mail-In Ballot for the General Election. But what if you can’t remember if you checked that box?

If you applied for a Mail-In Ballot for the General, the “Status” field in your result will read: “Pending.” If you are checking on a phone, you will need to scroll to the right on the table to see the status field

If you did NOT apply for a Mail-In Ballot for the General, the results will read: “We are unable to match your information with our records.”

If you receive this result, make sure you entered your information correctly, and then either apply for your Mail-In Ballot or contact the Board of Elections at 215-348-6154 or

Need More Help?

PA Dems Voter Assistance Hotline

For Vote By Mail Questions

1-833-PAVOTES (1-833-728-6837)
Tiene preguntas sobre la votacion? El personal habla español.

Bucks County Board of Elections

55 E. Court St. 
Doylestown, PA 18901 

Bucks County Democratic Committee

44 E. Court St.
Doylestown, PA 18901